Saturday, June 27, 2009

May 25 Xiata 夏塔古道, horses and our yurt

Finally came back to where we will stay for the evening, still snowing. Some horses jst outside our yurt enjoying thier grass, and it is time for our dinner as well. Similar to what we have overnight in Lake Sayram, but bigger, our mass yurt gave us more room to play around but also much colder, this will be the coldest night we have to endure for this trip, would would learn this later.
Inside our yurt, we have our dinner, and working on managing the gigabytes of pictures took today. My Canon G10 ran out of its battery and I forgot that I can also use my wife G9 or my own Sigma DP-1 for the video clips. The battery power in my notebook computer just gave me enough time to off-load all the data, back up to the remote hard drive, review a little on Capture One - more on this later, and it is time for rest, wish we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.
Inside our yurt, some quick snap shot using Nikon D3 and the AF-S 14-24/2.8G ED superwide zoom.Although cold, my wife basically put herself inside the sleeping bag the entire night, but still manage to maintain her daily skin care.

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