Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May 25, our destination: Xiata 夏塔古道 and the majestic Mt. Khan Tengri 汗騰格裡峰

Finally here, in freezing temperature, from where we will be staying the night, we can barely see the majestic Mt. Khan Tengri 汗騰格裡峰, standing 6,995m - but it was regarded a 7,000-meter peak among mountaineering circles as its glacial cap rises to 7,010m. Khan Tengri is the 2nd highest mountain in Tian Shan, only after Jengish Chokusu 托木尔峰 7,439m, and only 16km between the 2 peaks.
I took a few pictures nearby our yurt, the one above, my wife Pook was covering herself in layer of everything to keep from unexpected cold, standing in front of the unfinished cabin, while we are waiting for Neo to negotiate with the post supervisor to allow us to drive into the valley for a more closer viewpoint of the mountain, cold is one reason, the available light is quickly fading the other. Without doubt, we did it, which eventually came out to be a great decision. We arrived at the viewpoint, set up the camera, fire off pictures. This one, taken with Nikon D3X with AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED, such a great lens, exhibiting the finest detail of the trees, mountains, fast moving clouds.....

I also mount the D3X, with an adapter, onto the true world class Carl Zeiss Super-Apo TPP 300/2.8, originally designed to use on 6X6 medium format camera, the brightest of its class, and I have no doubt it is also the best. An image below taken by this combination of best ends - the lens, and the camera. I have to say, this is such a great lens, may be its power of such high resolution can now only be fully appreciated by modern digital camera of such high resolution, from my Phase One P45+ (and P65+ later?), and the class leading Nikon D3X, showing no sign of color fringe and a true definition of what sharpness is. I must also say it is a shame that Hasselblad's own H3D series camera cannot make use of this beautiful and powerful lens, they did it to convert the CF/CFi/CFE lens, but please, figure out something.
The clarity this lens displayed is amazing, given such distance between where I stand and the top of the mountain.......
And few more shots for Pook around the valley. Have to pack, unexpectedly, here comes the snow in this early summer time, not because the D3X can't survive the snow, it sure can, but it is time to go.

Watch the video blog here...."Drive along Xiata old trail and Mt. Khan Tengri"

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