Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May 25, Yining - Tekes - Zhaosu 伊寧 - 特克斯 - 昭蘇

After a good night rest, we left hotel early, stop by a small restaurant for breakfast, simple and delicious. I must admit by now, the "eat" in Xinjiang is quite enjoyable. The weather is not too good, besides the weather forecast reports the cold front from Siberia is moving down.....
Leaving Yining, we drove thru Tekes, an interesting town build to resemble the eight trigrams so it is also known as The Eight Trigrams Town 八卦城, first surfaced in the history back in year 1,220, this is a town of almost 900 years old. Too bad, in here, we drove thru heavy rain, did not stop for photography.
On apporaching Zhaosu, between the break of rains, we stop to take some pictures along the way, including a small terra cotta work, and I use Nikon D3X to take some pictures below.

Along the way, more yurt started to appear, lifestyles changes along the landscape, one a road side, we stop to take the picture of a yurt, recently pitched, a Kazakh girl and her mom, kind enough to allow me to take a quick snap of the interior of the yurt they live in, primitive, but warm like a real home. Outside their yurt, a baby cow just born......

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