Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May 25, from Zhaosu 昭蘇 to our destination today: Xiata 夏塔古道

On approaching Zhaosu, we were hit by a light hail, something I am familiar with, something my wife didn't, so she was a little excited, although the hail did not take away her attention of beauty care, more on this later. I did some research from the internet after returning Bangkok to learn hail is not that unusual here in Zhaosu. We stop here for lunch, for some traditional Xinjiang noodle 拌面.
After lunch, we were again moving fast on the road to our desitination today - Xiata.
Clouds, rains..... it seemed our chance to take some nice picture towards late afternoon is slim. The atmosphere in the car is dim as the sky outside, also compounded by the news from Neo that the road to one of the highlight of this trip - Bayanbulak may be blocked due to road improvement, something happen often in Xinjiang, so we can only hope for the best, while I am between 1/2 awake and napping along the way, but even though, I still manage to snap a few pictures, still with the Nikon D3X and the AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED, the VR is indeed helping, as all shots, as most of the picture taken in this trip, were handheld.

And shepherds on horses tending sheep
On the way to Xiata, Tien Shan dominant the horizon
A short video clip - our bumping ride along Xiata old trail

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