Thursday, January 7, 2010

June 1, WInd Turbine

Finally here, though it is not without obstacles. We made our way here, it is June 1, the beginning of June, and it is also the last day of this wonderful photography trip, tomorrow we will be relaxed at the Urumqi City, and part with Huang Zheng, and Neo in the afternoon, Pook and me and Wanbing will be flying together to Chengdu, where I will stay another day, before fly back to Bangkok. But it is tomorrow, today, we have some more pictures to shoot!
Arriving late in the afternoon, still, the sun is high in the sky, a little too early to make the pictures I want, so we have time to survey around, and Neo got his Land Cruiser performing what it was designed for.
Finally, the color of sky is right, the wind turbine is right, shot away some images, marking the epilogue of this photography journey.
Here Pook is making the pose to blow the wind turbine!
And the beautiful landscape of Xinjiang! Beautiful as it is, at close up, you will amaze at the creator of the world, where it can't produce anything, it produce energy!An image of the day, shot with Nikon D3X.Image of myself, shot by my lovely wife, Pook. Mark the last of the day.