Sunday, June 14, 2009

Digital and Panoramic Pictures

It is hard to resist as a photographer not to try to do produce some panoramic picture in Xinjiang, me as an example. If there is only one draw back while traveling in Xinjiang, it is the amount of driving involved; but at the same time, you are also rewarded with diversified landscapes, most of which are beautiful in their own way, and in many ways.
Of course, not to be taken seriously, many images were taken on spots when you have to pee. Sorry, China.
Digital camera format today is not to be confused with film, although the industrial borrowed those terms into digital. Today's so call crop-factor DSLR, although of smaller sensor, can easily produce equal or sometimes better image than the 135mm film cameras, and today's top end so-called full-frame DSLR, at least to me, well surpass the overall image quality of those 135mm film camera, and nothing less than those 6X4.5 or 6X6 film cameras can produce, this is my own cnclusion, many may disagree, and I believe each have his own reasons. And those 39mp or 56mp or 60mp digital back, they can produce images that was not previously achieved by convenstional film and camera. Digital has its advantage, and so is film, for me, I am very willing to compromise for settling on digital, accept the area it fell short. Many other photographers may do otherwise.
To me, digital capture is photography, but also a production. No longer the pictue is done in one-shot, because the software allow the original RAW file processed in a compact hardware - the computer, free form chemicals, and with a good notebook computer - for example my Apple Macbook Pro 17", it is a lab on the go. And back to the digital capture, you can capture a RAW file that is at the same time color or monotone, you can take a series of capture and make it into wide format camera, or a round-shot camera, produce panoramic superwide images, or as later I will demostrate, a 360 degree motion file, QTVR, allowing total different image experience. Of couse, not to forget cameras like Canon 5D2, with movie quality good enough for Hollywood production.
Two panoramic images, this one by Nikon D3X + AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED, setting at 102mm using f/6.3, 1/160s ISO 100. Original image stitched of 6 captures, 30,118 pixels X 3,426 pixels.
This one is by Canon G10, f/3.5 1/200s ISO 80. Stitched from 6 captures, original artwork 15,894 pixels X 2,970 pixels.


Alvaro MAM said...

I have more or less the same conclusion as you, nice post and great adventure. You guys are producing amazing photos!

K said...

Thanks, with the nature beauty as such, you can't do wrong with it.