Friday, June 19, 2009

More around Lake Sayram 赛里木湖

At the height of 2,070m and spanning 458, it is a big lake, so big that easily within a short period of time, you can see different weather developed around the lake and its surrounding mountains.
Still use the Nikon D3X making most of the shots, and mostly with the amazingly sharp AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED. The overall package for this combination is both portable and yet powerful. I am not saying it is light weight, but for most experienced photographer, professional or not, coupled with the vibration reduction feature of the lens and high performance in ISO 200 or higher of D3X, you can shoot sequential of shots for super panoramic picture with Photoshop CS4 (Photo Merge) or Stitcher, you can easily produce image file size dwarf those from medium format digital backs or large format film cameras, of course, base on one shot capture, although the later can also use to take sequential shots, either not as efficient, nor as robust and in varies weather condition, more on this later.
This picture, with Nikon D3X, stitched from 2 shots
and two more also by D3X


Josh said...

Great pictures! I've only been to Sayram Lake once but I wasn't able to be there during dusk or dawn. These shots give me a whole new reason to go back. Glad the weather cooperated for you on your trip.

K said...

soemhow I think the weather does not matter, for nature beauty, we need to see it in sunlight, in moonlight, in storm, in snow, in rain...... I am not in particular always looking for the perfect sunrise and sunset, I think there are too many pictures for those moments already, but of course this is my own opinion. But, I am going back anyway.

Josh said...

Good point, K. Now that you explain it like that, I completely agree. Flowers around Syram lake are gorgeous, but so is snow, rain, or the soft glow of moonlight.

I'm enjoying all the pictures you're posting...keep it up.