Thursday, June 18, 2009

May 24 morning, Lake Sayram 赛里木湖

A historical place, where in distant history Genghis Khan inspected his troops nearby before their long march to conquer the world. Sayram 赛里木 means "blessing" in Kazakh; Mongolian and Kazakh tribal people pitch their yurts here and tend to their herds of camels, sheep and horses.
Early morning, we came by the lakeside to start this day of photography. My wife, Pook, was taking pictures using the Nikon D3 and snap this picture for myself, Wanbing 萬兵 and Huang Zhen 黃政 training our camera and lens.

Lake Sayram, by Nikon D3X + AF-S 24-70/2.8G ED.
This one is captured with Canon G10
And a super panoramic picture for the 180 degree view of the Lake Sayram, using Nikon D3X + AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED. Stitched from 9 captures, original file size 39,445 pixels X 3,607 pixels

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