Friday, June 19, 2009

More around Haixi and Lake Sayram

Bath in such nature beauty, one eventually lost his sense of time. We photograph around Haixi area, and back onto the lakeside of Sayram before have to pack up for going back to our Yurt, breakfast, and head to our destination today, Yining 伊宁.
This one taken by using D3X, I gave the picture a little more oil painting feel, for a more pictorial look.
This shot is made by using Canon G10, from Haixi overlooking Lake Sayram. Canon G10 is perhaps the most versatile camera for me this trip, near pocket size, fast snap shot, sometimes quick sequential shots for panorama picture, and of course all the video clips in this trip were using Canon G10. With this one, again I paint the picture a little extra color.
This one, the twin swan on the Lake Sayram, also by Canon G10.
This one by Sigma DP-1, on our way heading back to our yurt, for late breakfast.
Finally, this one also by Sigma DP-1. Must add that given its small and compact built, this little camera offers nothing but great image quality for what it is, more on this later.

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