Tuesday, July 7, 2009

May 27 Tekes 特克斯 - Gonliu 鞏留 - Xinyuan 新源

I waked up in the morning, packed, and together with Pook we wen to the restaurant for breakfast and meet up with Wanbing and Huanzheng and Neo. Some discussion made last night over their room which must involved more calls to check, heavy debate or lobby, however, what I heard of the plan going back to Urumqi today is again changed! OK, not to be serious, we are a small group and one Land Cruiser, trip plan is more flexible. And the plan? Take chance! The decision has been made to take change to drive all the way to kilo zero 零公里, to see if the road to Bayanbulak is opened. And so we move on.
Xinjiang is a beautiful place, its landscape is such grand scale, you slowly digest it along with the long drive, but those sceneries that screen through the window is also capable of getting any photographer excited. Som flower images took along the highway, Nikon D3X, with AF-S VR Micro 105/2.8G IF-ED.We stopped here and there, take some pictures along the way, sheep, flowers, endless fields of rape plants. I am still using the Nikon D3X and the AF-S VR Micro 105/2.8. This one for my wife, Pook.Herd of sheep, enjoy their day.And we enjoy them.

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