Monday, July 6, 2009

May 26 destination: Kalajun 喀拉俊空中大草原, the expected and unexpected

Nearing the end of our slow ascent we started to level with the snow line, muddy road, already we saw some photographers from the car who passed us earlier walking on the slope, a sign that their car is having trouble getting up. To be safe, Neo told us we better get off the car so that he can try to tackle the slippery slope, and went on he did. Neo's skill, and the ability of the Land Cruiser, we finally overcame the section troubled the other car, and we found ourselves in the check point, surrounded by beautiful scenery, here we are, Kalajun 喀拉俊空中大草原.
There are several wood cabins surrounding the check point, so we made our arrangement with the officer, off-load our luggage, taking short rest, while Neo is investigating the road condition further ahead of us, and it did not look to easy.
After the short rest, everyone again in the car, and it took only 50 meters from where we start did we find the reality that we will be walking to the grand grassland by foot, car is of now use on road of such condition, and we off going.
Slowly, we walk on the snow. As expected, Kalajun is beautiful, it's high on the top of the mountain, surrounded by panoramic view of ranges of distant mountains. However, unexpectedly, or we should have guessed it, the expected grassland was entirely carpeted by a beautiful layer of snow. But here we are, and little obstacle can stop the shutter of our cameras from clicking.
My lovely wife cheering up! The grassland or the snowland? No stranger to snow, but it is rare in this early summer day.And these are shots all made with Nikon D3X and the mighty AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED.And this one a stitched-panoramic picture using 5 captures, still the D3X with hand-held AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED, original picture size 21,616 pixels X 3,939 pixels

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