Monday, July 6, 2009

May 26, Change of plan

While we were busying taking picture, more information about the group that came 3 days earlier still stuck deeper inside the grassland - which now a snow land, as the weather turn good and becomes warmer, more snow to melt, the road will be nastier and less chance to drive thru Kalajun. Our original plan was to visit 3 grand grassland in this trip, with Kalajun the first, now knowing due to colder spring this year and grass is still 1-2 weeks from full length, and now the unexpected snow, the snese and logic to visit all three grassland is a question.
The worry over Bayanbulak is not lessening, so we are plotting possibility to drive all the way back to Urumqi, by way of Yining, so we can take another route to get to Bayanbulak, and lost 2 days of our trip. It it a tough decision, but a decision has to make NOW!
So to avoid driving the mountain road in the night, and by the angle of sunsetting and our location on the grassland, we decided it is time to go, and we packed up the luggage again, load them to the car, and we are on the way heading to Yining, still 3 hours away!
During our descent, we stopped by a little farm house, take some snap shots and continue our drive. Sitting in the car scanning the view outside the window, I saw the last light of setting sun behind the trees forms a nice contrast with the new moon, as well as the river reflect the fading light in the sky, I called another 2 stops to take some quick pictures. All with Nikon D3X and AF-S 24-70/2.8G ED. The shot with the river is a good example of how modern digital camera like D3X capable of, setting at ISO 800 to allow me to hand hold the camera for quick snap shot, with reasonable f stop and shutter speed. I wish: a VS version of this sharp 24-70/2.8G ED lens. Continue to drive, in order to avoid too much driving in the night, also to allow Neo an early rest, we decided to stay for the night in Tekes 特克斯, stop at the Tekes night street for an unforgettable dinner.
Late, it's time to sleep, to get up early for long drive tomorrow back to Urumqi.

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