Sunday, June 7, 2009

May 22, Urumqi and Tien Shan Highway

Finally arrive Urumqi to start the 12-day trip around Tien Shan, middle of Xinjiang. Our trip guide, or more or less a good friend now, Niu Cunjun, a.k.a. 新彊牛哥 waited us right at the airport. Leaving airport, we have to stop by the city for a quick stop for my Contax battery, some light rain, a quick lunch and then take on Tien Shan Highway, we are moving to our first destination, Lujiaowan 鹿角湾. As my wife and I will learn from this trip, Niu Cunjun is himself a navigation system, reading the map in his mind, never missed a turn. And an experienced driver, capable to endure the typical carziness of photographer, wake up early and fight for the last light, in Xinjiang, in this late May, early June time, dinner time often approaching midnight, the result of waiting for the last light of the sky and yet long drive back to hotel or inn, or sometimes to the tent.
Few images here took while moving along the Tien Shan Highway.

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