Sunday, June 7, 2009

May 22, CA4541 from Chengdu en route Urumqi

Early morning check out from Ibis Hotel, a small but practical and clean hotel by the way ibis.
From Chengdu en route Urumqi, taking CA4151, don’t forget to at least keep a small camera with you, may be some nice aerial images. While waiting for departure, I took a snap shot of Chengdu airport waiting hall, using a Canon G10. Time to board!
From Chengdu, the aircraft will fly thru Gansu and Qinghai province, presented outside the window a great diversity of landscapes. I made these two images using a Canon G9 and Sigma DP-1, took a few with each one, I have the G10 and Nikon gear inside the overhead bin but did not touch it, I thought G9 (taken from my wife) and Sigma DP-1 (in my pocket) will do well and I did not disappoint. The Sigma is a fine cmaera, excellent image, very easy and straight forward interface, but somewhat clumsy to use and built quality is so so, but its picture quality earn all the forgiveness. I have had G9 before and contine with G10, it is a second nature for me, although its image quality is not close to Sigma DP-1. It was a clear day, morning sun bathe the snow capped mountain range, a small lake in the distant, deep blue sky.

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