Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lujiaowan 鹿角弯大草原 Morning

The morning of Lujiaowan 鹿角弯大草原 is just beautiful. Sun rise over distant horizon, vaporising the thin ice and frost form the cold night. Sheeps and cows came out to their feeding ground, a picture perfect morning. Xinjiang is big, so big that the typical wide angle lens hardly useful to register its grandness. Most of the shots, as will be later in this trip, were taken with the extremely sharp Nikkor AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED, perhaps among the best of its class.

Taking cropped picture or cropping the picture? Xinjiang is so big, so big that the format of picture became a choice even before taking the picture. But one really does not need to consider those many format of cameras anymore, you just need to see the picture as a final artwork when you took it, rather than try to crop a picture that was not originally planed to do so. Why? Because the grandness of the landscape, the dramatic lighting often disacourage to take some picture that may otherwise be a great image. Look at those portion you need, take the picture that exposed for the area you want, you may simply ignore the area you dislike, or cannot be exposed correctly. Of course HDR is also a solution, I just don't like it too much. I preferred the tight image with pictoric composition of my own style. Certainly, camera like Nikon D3X today is perhaps the best gift ever developed for an experiecned photographer. For its sheer file size, it is not just a 135 type DSLR, it is also a medium format of 6X4.5, 6X6, 6X8, or 6X9, and if you further stitch the pictures, it might as well be a 6X12 or 6X17. Limitation in photography today is no longer bound to camera format, it is the vision. A great camera such as Nikon D3X is the powerful tool to free the photographer.

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